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How To Write Drill:

Pyware and Drill Design Basics

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This course is designed for the very beginner to Pyware and features: 

  • 11 chapters of content, each one with a Pyware "follow along" .3dz file  

  • 29 page DDS Tutorial Series Instruction Guide PDF

  • Contract, Production Inventory, and Production Note File Templates


If you have Pyware up to Version 9, this will make learning the basics easy.  It is $39.95 on the Marching Arts Education Learning Platform.  Click the link, and create a LOGIN, then you will be able to begin.


My YouTube channel for quick tutorials on Pyware shortcuts and tricks, and any new helpful information. I have a few playlists 2-min drills, for those that want info quickly with less chat.  Band Directors Guide to Pyware, for those who use Pyware only in the fall.   Basic tutorials and walkthroughs for those more experienced looking to learn.

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My helpful Pyware PDFs.  My Templates for Pyware that I share with my videos, as well as a FREE Workflow PDF.  This is my workflow from beginning to end.  It is a workflow I have honed after 17 years of designing drill at almost all levels. It is for those who are experienced with Pyware, or have gone through my tutorial series.  It will walk you through all the steps from contracts, planning, writing and formatting, and exporting your work.  All for FREE

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Marching Arts Education Webinar Series

Over the course of 4 episodes we explored Pyware Basics, Creating a Moment By Writing Backwards, Writing and Producing 1minute of drill for a full band.  Learning happens best when you are in the moment.  Feel free to download the files and follow along.



My name is Joe Huls, and I am a former Band Director of 14 years from Cobb County GA.  I am now full time visual designer living in the UK.  I have been writing and arranging since 2003 and have had the opportunity to write for bands at almost every level.  From locally competitive bands all the way up to Big Ten Universities, and color guards and indoor drumlines of all levels from the local circuits all the way up to WGI finalist color guards.

I would love to help you plan and execute your next production, whether it be pre-arranged or custom.  Or maybe you would like help with Pyware, take a look at my tutorial series or free workflow PDFs.

Take a moment to check out some of my work below.  Please feel free to email me if you would like to work together on any type of marching arts project.  Whether it be drill design, music arranging, or show consultation.


Choreography Add-On


Jamar began his Visual instructing career in 2018 at West Broward High School. Since then he took the time to vigorously study and sharpen his skills. Working with a variety of ensembles that have encountered success in their respective circuits including STRYKE WYNDS (WGI Winds), Park Vista HS, and the Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps.


My goal is to provide value visually to more ensembles in the country, Creating a fresh take on how we approach the Visual arts.  Let's build together and create memorable experiences for you and your members. 

See what his clients are saying about him by clicking here.  

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