These ideas might work great for your next production, or they could just be a starting point to point you in the right direction. Either way, feel free to contact me if you would like to expand on these ideas and work together to create the perfect product for 2021.


A Piece of Me


This production could be literally or figuratively about the performers giving the audience a piece of them. Could use a “Puzzle Piece” motif around the field, or even glass shards as if “looking in the mirror” that come together at some point.  Could have a percussion feature using the phrase “you want a piece of me?”  All the way up to the end where the students could take off a piece of their uniform and hold out as if to offer the crowd a piece of them.  


This could be taken in many different directions.




1000 Words


This show could be done very simply and elegantly.  About how a picture can be worth 1000 words.  You could choose multiple images or just one amazing image that invoke a mood.  Or tell the story of the image in 4 different ways.  


This could also be more about photography and capturing a beautiful photograph.  You could use a camera, and film motif around the field to set the stage.  You could use shutter clicking sounds, find a way to “filter” the image.  Maybe even have a movement about being “Self Absorbed” with selfies, etc.  


Either way this setting could be cool.




Four Corners of the Universe


This show could be about 4 planets represented in each corner of the field by a different piece, and maybe even a prop.  For example:  Mars (red) Mercury (yellow) Jupiter (green) Neptune (blue) Maybe even have Earth in the center, or the SUN at the center.






This could go a few different ways, and doesn't necessarily need to be a story show


Way #1:  Two rival tribes, seperated by color scheme and splitting of the CG (might need a big group)  African themed music fighting until they realize they need to come together.  Introduce both tribes, tribal fight, realize they need to come together to conquer something else (lyrical part) work as a team in the end.  Or one tribe could just flat out beat the other.  Have a set in the back in the center and one person from each tribe climbs to the top to win in the end. 


Way #2:  Pack of characters or character on a trip to get rich (treasure map etc..) wander into the wrong tribe.  This could be cool, more adventure based, have some stunts, a ritual and dance and escape etc….Could use lots of prop sets and colorful african or even egyptian art work.


Possible music selections could include:


Sensemaya – Silvestre Revueltas   

Talking Drums – Herrman

Incantation – Cirque du Soleil

Out of Africa - Barry

Baba Yetu – Christopher Tin






A show about gangsters, keeping with the 1940’s look and style but using third stream symphonic music to help tell the story.  Could also be more modern, similar to a story like Thomas crown affair.  This could also be turned into a “Humphrey Bogart” show, and include a bit of casablanca.




The Duke


A tribute to the great “John Wayne” with American West themed music, maybe use some quotes and ideals from his life.  Too much good music.  


Music selections could include:


Tulsa a Portrait in Oil - Don Gillis

The Promise of Living - Copland

Hodown from Rodeo - Copland

Billy the Kid - Copland

The Red Pony - Copland




Rise Up


Showing the motif in many different ways throughout and picking music that fits the theme of each movement this program could be really cool.  Visually you can play off of a lot of things, going from low to high, add anything that can fly into the air for props.


Mvmt 1:  Rise Up from below (Could be an introduction)

Band could begin sitting, rising up as the music builds.  


Mvmt 2:  Rise Up to the sky (Could be a medly of exciting / light hearted tunes)

Could use balloons, planes, clouds etc to show this.

Godspeed - Mellilo 


Mvmt 3:  Rise Up for what you believe in (Imagine by the Beatles)

Could use inspirational quotes layered over top of the introduction of this movement about a time when people rose up to accomplish something.


Mvmt 4:  Rise Up in celebration

Again celebratory music, could be a medly, could be a costume change to show that all are risen up together.




12 Seconds to the Moon


A chronicle of the idea of flight, through creating the first airplane, prop planes, jets, and jumbo jets, to rockets and the dream of space and ending in a big rocket taking off (pullover flag) 


12 Seconds to the Moon - Robert W. Smith

Leonardo Dreams of his Flying Machine - Whitacre

Apollo 13 - Horner

Galactic Empires - Gillingham

Learning to Fly - Pink Floyd

Rocketman - Elton John






This show could literally just be about being happy, from the moment they come on the field until they leave.  Almost a gospel like feel to the show with a lot of familiar themes set to more upbeat music.  


Three Dog Night - Joy to the World

Symphony No. 9 - Beethoven

Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee - Sister Act


Feel free to add other joy related music, try to stick to familiar themes.




Out of the BLUE


Have a few different tarps on the field with different shades of Blue, as if it were a color pallet.  Pick various different bluesy sounding music to match the different shades.  Flags could be version of the blue when mixed with other colors.  


Possible music selections could include:


Rhapsody in Blue - Gershwin

Blue Shades - Ticheli

Blue Danube Waltz - Strauss






Simple idea of picking a few places throughout the world and pick music from that area.  Ballad could be about how nice it is to receive a postcard sort of thing, adds another emotional element.



The Upside Down


Using the theme from Stranger Things that the “Upside Down” is the scary alternate version of the same reality we could try and depict this by setting a scene, could be HS gym, house and street,  and it slowly becomes the upside down by the end.  This could be done through costuming, props becoming more dingey and haunted by the end etc...Music would have to clash a bit as well, more refined morphing to more grungey and alternative.  




The Greatest Generation


More of a patriotic idea about the heroes of WW2.  A lot of great music to pick from.  




*** BEST SELLING Pre Designed Shows ***


Music prices:  $750 for a complete show or 

$200 per movement

Contact me for score samples and mp3



This is a production about Poseidon the Greek God of the Sea.

Music composed or inspired by:

Raise of the Son - Rossano S. Gallante

Winds of Poseidon - R.W. Smith

Mvmt 3 Adagio - Samual Barber

Requiem - Giuseppe Verdi

St. Michael The Archangel - Respighi




Roman Images

This production includes all of the heavy hitting classical pieces associated with Roman imagery.  

Music composer or inspired by:

The Might of Rome (Gladiator Soundtrack) - Hans Zimmer

The Battle (Gladiator Soundtrack) - Hans Zimmer

Adagio from Spartacus - Aram Khachaturian

The Pines of Rome - Respighi




The Mouse Thief

This production is about a sneaky mouse on a journey to get the piece of delicious cheese from the trap.

Music composed or inspired by:

Hall of the Mountain King - Edvard Grieg

Hungarian Rhapsody - Franz Liszt

Sym No. 2, Movement 3 - Rachmaninov

Food, Glorious Food - Lionel Bart




American Portraits

This production is dedicated to American Composers of the 20th century.  With a wide variety of styles and contrast their are so many teaching opportunities.

Music composed or inspired by:

Chorale from Appalachian Spring - Aaron Copland

Fanfare for the Common Man - Aaron Copland

Fascinating Rhythm - George Gershwin

Letter from Home - Aaron Copland

Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman





This production is in three movements and outlines the three elemental forms of water.  Solid, Liquid, Gas

Music composed or inspired by:

Winter - Antonio Vivaldi

The Abyss Theme - Alan Silvestri

Equus - Eric Whitacre





This production is about NASCAR and portrays a race from beginning to the checkered flag.  Lots of familiar themes throughout makes this one a crowd favorite.

Music composed or inspired by:

Born to Be Wild - Steppenwolf

Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts

Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins

Autobot / Decepticon Battle - Vince DiCola

Fix You - Coldplay

RIDE - Samual Hazo



Visions of RED

This latin show uses modern and classic jazz tunes to portray different shades of the color RED and the moods associated with them.

Music composer or inspired by:


Red Cape Tango - Michael Daugherty

A Mis Abuelos - Arturo Sandoval




The Tie That Binds

This production is about the bonds shared by musicians through the performance of music and motion.  

Music composed or inspired by:

An American Elegy - Frank Ticheli

Kingfishers Catch Fire - John Mackey

Portugese Love Theme - Craig Armstrong

Fragile - Sting

St Michael The Archangel - Respighi




Cuban Fire

A hot latin jazz show for any band that wants to light up the crowd.

Music composed or inspired by:

Powerhouse - Graham Koehne

Malaga - Bill Holman

Concierto de Aranjuez - Joaquin Rodrigo

Malaguena - Ernesto Lecuona





This production is about The Big Apple.  Each movement is about a uniquely different part of New York the majesty of its landmarks, the traffic and hustle and bustle, the struggle of living in a big city and the beauty of Americas "melting pot".  Pick one of the ballads.

Music composed or inspired by:

Third Wind - Pat Methany

NY State of Mind - Billy Joel *Tenor Sax Solo*

New World - Bjork

Asphalt Cocktail - John Mackey